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International Journal of Learning Management Systems (IJLMS) presents prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical learning management issues, theoretical, and methodological understanding of the management systems of education and learning. It publishes original peer-reviewed analyses that span the field of education manuscripts that fit into one of the following categories, intervention, evaluation, policy studies, contexts and methodological studies.

IJLMS is dedicated to rapid publication of the highest quality short papers, regular papers, and expository papers.  The editors welcome informed papers from new and established scholars which encourage and enhance academic debate and invite proposals for special editions as well as commissioning them. IJLMS welcome state-of-the-art reviews on issues across the educational spectrum.

All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees. In order to be considered for publication, the article should clearly explain the novelty, urgency and originality of the research.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, July 2024, Pages 1-395 

How to Organize an Effective Scientific Day: A Review

Pages 71-75

Ahmad Mokhtar Abodahab; Ebtsam Ahmed Mohammed Abdelbary; Fady Boles Anwer; Mohamed Ezeldin